Dynamic Dsik not booting after conversion

I have installed VISTA Business on my Computer on a 500gb SATA HDD.

Yesterday I resized the partitions using VISTA partition manager.

In the process the setup changed to dynamic disk.

I am a newbie to vista.

After I rebooted the syetem I find thesystem looking out bootable media.

But using the command prompt from the vista bootable disk I can see the C: drive with all the data in it.

I want to get my system back without losing data

Please help


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If what your saying that when you now boot the pc comes back saying 'looking for bootable media' or in other words it cannot find any.... Then I'm afraid you may have no option but to do a reformat.

That's what I thought when I read it earlier today but I didn't want to be the bearer of bad news. Thanks Kemical for takin' up my slack. :eek:

Is there anyway the bootloader/MBR can be fixed.

Moreover also wanted to know how many times does Microsoft allow to reinstall the and activate the VISTA Business

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