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Sorry if this has been asked before.
I am trying to e mail a picture from windows explorer on a Samsung rv511 with Windows7 Home Premium system.
When I select the picture in explorer and select E Mail I get the message attach which I do then nothing happens.
This may be of help but when I select the Windows Live Mail icon I get a message "Do you want the following program to make changes to this computer". I have to acknowledge this message before my E Mail program comes up.
I never had this on my other laptop which is a Vista machine.


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Hi Niel,

Have you tried setting your default progams? Also the message you see appear sounds like the UAC kicking in and should disappear if you can set Live mail as your default email program.

Thanks for your reply. I have set windows live mail as my default program but still have the same symptoms i.e. get the message "attach" and also get the same message when trying to start Live Mail.


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If I read your post as written. You are selecting a picture with Windows explorer and then 1. It is requesting a program to open it with , or 2. You are right clcicking and selecting Live mail to open it with?
What is happening is that everytime you do this, you are changing the default opening programs (imo). If this is the case, you have to put them back to defaults. Control Panel - Default programs - Set your default programs. Select "Windows Live Mail" "Set as Default"
Now, before going further as I have no idea what program you have installed, do this. Right click the picture of your choice and then "Open with" browse to your photo or graphic program, if you cannot see one, otherwise select "Paint" if visible on the list. and make sure you have the small box, bottom left, Always open..etc. ticked.

Now you can open Windows Live Mail, and hopefully the message has gone. Select you new mail (Email message - top left) and "Attach File.". Browse to your picture and select it - done.

Thanks for your interest and help. I will try to explain what is happening.
Using Windows Explorer I am looking at my picture folder.
I right click on a photo and select "send to" and select "mail recipient".
A message comes up "Attach" which I select and then nothing happens.
If I do the same on my Vista Machine it then brings up my E Mail with the photo attached but Windows 7 machine does not do this.
My pictures open without a problem on the Windows 7 machine it just does not E Mail them.
I can open on the Windows 7 machine "Windows Live Mail" and attach a picture but then the picture file size is large. Using the other method reduces the picture size.
I believe this is a problem which affects all Windows 7 machines as they do not have "Windows Mail" as part of the basic installation so I think (not sure) I will have to install another E Mail program.
Your thoughts and advice are welcome.

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