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Using Windows 7 home basic. & XP Office. 1. are they compatible? Problem= Every time mail is sent/received I must enter the password over and over again, although the " remember password box is checked. Same with internet . eg opening google I must first click the connect box. The program looses the passwords if outlook is closed . Pleas .. what do I miss . HK


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This is a known issue with Outlook 2002 (XP) and Windows 7 and actually Windows Vista as well. You may want to consider just upgrading you version of Outlook to something a little more current. Here's a link to some additional information regarding the issue as well as a link to a program that is suppose to help with the problem, I just don't know if I would bother, it's up to you. Outlook on Vista and Windows 7

Thanks a million for the help re the e mail password .I will just ignore the irritation.
:razz: BUT I have two new problems .
When one drag Jpeg pictures to a file, a lot of them gets lost to bunduland . And in "My Documents " if one selct to sort contents by TYPE , it somehow can not do it and sticks to alphabetical order

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