Windows 7 Early Issues


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Feb 4, 2009
Right then, this is my second time typing this because firefox crashed the first time so Im going to make it as to the point as possible! I installed Seven 64 Bit on a test Pc last night using a totally new hard disk and started installing some stuff... less than 24 hours later I have some bugs to report. Test PC:

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 Single core (Skt 754) 2.0Ghz
Motherboard: MSI K8N Neo Platinum
Graphics: Sapphire ATI Radeon X1950 Pro 512Mb (AGP)
RAM: 2Gb (2 x 1Gb) Crucial CT6464Z40B
Hard Drive: Western Digital Raptor X (150Gb)
Network Card: Bigfoot Networks Killer M1 NIC
Optical Drive: Samsung Lightscribe DVD Burner
Previous OS: Windows XP Professional (32Bit)
Peripherals: Saitek Eclipse keyboard, Logitech G5 mouse, Viewsonic VX2835WM Monitor, Western Digital Mybook 1TB

SO far what i have installed:

Killer NIC Vista driver and utility
Logitech Setpoint Vista
ATI Catalyst Control Center for Vista
Realtek AC'97 Vista Driver
Avast antivirus home edition
Mozilla Firefox
Lightscribe control panel
Nero 8
Valve Steam including Counter Strike Source
K-Lite codec pack (Full) including Media Player Classic

So far so good ALMOST... here are the problems as they have occurred. The sound is not right, when watching a film, listening to an MP3 or using the audio hardware in any way it goes crackly every now and again... enough that you notice it. Some programs worked at the start but do not now, steam is one such program. I played CSS for a good 3-4 hours last night and everything was good including the graphics and the ping (Killer driver seems to have installed great) but now steam will not run at all, not even on startup as its supposed to. I cant get the Windows update to work or the feedback system, same thing. I double click on these items and nothing happens. Every now and then my WD 1TB drive will not be picked up by windows 7. Memory sticks, my WD Passport drive and all other types of media work fine but every now and then the firewire driven Mybook wont get detected. Possibly an issue with my firewire driver rather than Seven though. Other than these few minor things everything else is great, I'm enjoying the beta so far except from a few annoying program freezes like Firefox.

Any feedback or help with what I've written here is most definately welcome!
The Audio issues are common, as there are no true Windows 7 drivers for most cards. As such, there are problems with the hardware end causing interference.

Steam, well, you could try reinstalling or running in compatibility mode.

The Mybook issue IS a firewire issue, again, driver driven, so you'll have to wait for new drivers to get that fixed.
I thought so, I assume that the majority of issues that people start haing with 7 will be related to a lack of OS supporting drivers, but all things considered so far I'm doing pretty well. I will try a steam reinstall now and let you know what happens.

Just found another problem... The control panel dosent work at all... it opens and the status bar fills up green but nothing appears in there except the text "Click on a category or use the search box to find tasks quickly."

Anyone else experiencing this?
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Sorry to bump an old topic, but I just switched back to my windows 7 hard drive after my primary XP disk failed last night :( (It was a velociraptor too :-/)

Anyway, back to using 7 again as my primary OS until I can get my hands on my *walkabout* XP disk, which is around here somewhere I am sure. Just wondering if there are any updates on better audio drivers for realtek hardware in 7? Any help will be much appreciated as I am working my way through a few series of CSI: Miami at the moment and the crackling audio is irritating no matter how minor it is.

Thanks a lot,

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