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I went and loaded free version of Easeus backup software, I wanted to create a restore DVD disc, Like Macrium reflect has but it was grayed out I only had options to my various USB drives and thumb drives. Does any Easeus TODO users here know How I can make a DVD emergency recovery disc

Disregard, It was user error (something between my ears malfunctioned) I have now created the disc

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Good work Super Sarge. Glad you sorted it out and don't worry at age 61 it happens to me all the time.


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I also have this program from the last time they gave it away, but unfortunately the "Snapshot" feature is not working. Tried re-installing the program which did not solve the issue, so I went for the EASUS Todo Backup, which is working great.

On a side note: Some software programs from Give-Away-of-the-Day, once the 24 hour period is over and for any reason you have to remove and re-install the program, you're out of luck with the license key. If the license key is emailed to you, then you're good to go, but if it's included in the download, like I said you're SOL.

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Yes I have 2.5.1 the free version
I do not need anymore Backup programs, I have macrium Reflect Pro, The default W7 and now Easeus Free.
I Believe I have all my bases covered

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