Easy FIle Transfer from a backup image

Can I use easy file transfer from a hard drive back up image of XP? I can mount the image on my win 7 computer. Can easy file transfer pull the user profiles, data, pics, music,doc, etc from a mounted image in the same computer?
The image is no longer restorable to any computer.


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You may have to partition your HD, then restore the XP Image, pull out whatever data you need (may not be able to get the user profile), then use Win 7 Disk Manager or a 3rd party partitioning app such as Partition Wizard (free) to delete the XP partition and extend the Win 7 OS back into the unallocated space left when you delete the XP partition.

Perhaps someone will be able to suggest altenative plans, but this is a pretty easy operation. Will not be particularly time consuming either.

Thanks for the reply. It was halpfull, but perhaps I was not as clear as I should have been.
I have a Arconis True Image 2010 back up program. I made a backup hard drive image of XP some time ago with it. That computer has long since been reconfigured and re-purposed with new hardware.
I can mount that backup image as a virtual drive on my Win7 computer. So it has a drive letter, say M: for example. I can view files, but not run any programs.
I would like to use Microsoft's "Easy File Transfer" program to pull off all the old data, docs, etc from that virtual M: drive. Those files are scattered about the "M:" in hundreds of directories. Microsoft's "Easy File Transfer" can get those files and put them in to Win7 libraries for easy access.
Can Microsoft's "Easy File Transfer" do this all inside 1 computer? When I've trtied it, Microsoft's "Easy File Transfer" gets data from the current C: Can I redirect it to this M: If so how, what steps to take.
Thanks again for your help.


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I would have to say no. But you have the situation, why not tell us if it will?

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