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Ive just finally upgraded from a BETA build of 64bit Windows 7 to the Final of the 32bit version, the reason I went 32bit was there were too many driver problems on the 64 bit (our printer doesnt have 64 bit drivers for instance) so I decided to use the 'Easy Transfer' wizard BAD move.. because after formatting my HDD, doing a clean install im now stuck with all my settings, documents and data in a .mig file Im unable to retrieve anything from. it would have been nice to know this before I done the transfer, I would have gone down the slow path, is there any way I can pull these files out of a .mig file??? I dont give a crap about the settings


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Where is the .mig file in relation to your current install and what message are you getting?

Do you show any type of windows.old or hidden files that start with $ in the C: drive. I do not know if it would make those files when switching from 64 to 32 bit.

the .mig is on a network path, I chose to format the drive before doing the install as I wanted a fresh install, the message im getting is 'Windows Easy Transfer cannot transfer files from a 64-bit version of Windows to a 32-bit version of Windows'


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Looks like it can go from 32 to 64 but not the reverse. Do you have an image of your old install?

I will see if I can find a way to recover the files, but right now, I don't know.

yeah, exactly, right now im downloading the 64bit version to run in a virtual machine to get all my data back, like I said, it would have been nice to know all this before I used the Easy Transfer wizard

Urgh! Cancel that! cant install a 64bit OS on a 32bit Virtual Machine enviroment

I had to eventually download and install the 64bit version to get my files back, then re-install 32 bit and migrate it all manually.. its an ass process

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