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I had the original windows 7 download from last December and got the message it would start quitting soon so I followed the instructions and saved everything on an external USB HDD useing easy transfer in Windows 7. I then used the original restore disc for my Gateway laptop and restored it back to factory specs bwith Vista. I want to get back my original program files and when I try to use easy transfer it won't open the files on the HDD. I ordered Windows 7 from Egghead and wonder if when I install it if the easy transfer will bring back my files into Windows 7??
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I will say yes it should. But it all depends. I have not used migwiz in a long time myself.
If i remember correctly, it gave you a code to setup and start the transfer, you should have that written down.
I do not think you will be able to recover that data without it. But, again, I haven't used it in forever.
The Migwiz in Vista may be different than the one in 7.
And that may be why it will not open the files. You would need to get the migwiz.exe from 7 and run that on the vista system, to see if that helps. Again, I haven't played with that in a long time, so I am going off of what I remember.

Migwiz is a strange beast. I personally don't like or recommend using it.

I had tried using it a long time ago to do data transferes for customers getting new systems.
I had a whole host of problems with it, but when it worked it was great and easy.
Unfortunately when it didn't it was just a mess. (I of course made images of old Hard Drives before attempting)


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Thank you I'm hoping the last reply is the way it will go if and when I get 7

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