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Easy Virtual Machine Creator

As we know,
VMware Player is the free virtualization engine launched by VMware in October 2005.To create and run the new virtual machine we need two files: a virtual machine configuration file (.vmx) and a virtual machine hard disk (.vmdk).

EasyVMX is the online virtual machine builder, all it takes is to fill out your virtual machine parameters such as the number of cpu's, hard disk size, network adapter, etc. When done, you download the .zip with your .vmx and .vmdk files. Very handy.


Other ways to create .vmx and .vmdk: | Guide to create .vmx files for VMware Player

  • Manual method
    Released by Alessandro Perilli. It provides a .vmx and a .vmdk.

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    Released by Havard Skrodahl. It’s absolutely the best online virtual machine builder at today.
  • VMX Builder
    Released by Robert Petruska and Ulli Hankeln. It’s absolutely the best offline virtual machine builder at today.

  • qemu-image
    Released by Qemu creator, Fabrice Bellard. It provides only a .vmdk
  • vmx-builder.cmd
    Released by Ulli Hankeln. It provides only a .vmx

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I believe the newest edition of VMware Player allows you to create the vm there. I haven't tried it but in the interface there is the option to create.


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