VIDEO Eating Dog Food: The Future of Journalism?

When a dog bites a man, it's not news. When a man bites a dog, it's a front-page story. But what happens when a newsman takes a bite of dog food?

For Gersh Kuntzman, editor of The Brooklyn Paper, the answer is obvious ... and surprisingly delicious.

The New York City journalist (full disclosure: my former employer) has built a reputation for never shying away from an outrageous stunt. He's posed naked for an art class, defecated on camera to test the integrity of an eco-friendly toilet and inserted a caffeine suppository where the sun don't shine -- all, he says, in the name of news.

So it comes as no surprise that after The Brooklyn Paper featured a story about high-end dog food manufacturers who promised to eat their own product, Kuntzman took on the challenge himself.

"It's meaty and a bit grainy, yes, but the only discernable scent comes from the kale," Kuntzman wrote in a column about his meal of Evermore Pet Food. "It's a bit like pate -- but more bland, the kind of pate that a French poodle would sniff at and then walk away."

Add some hot sauce, and Kuntzman says the pet food could become a hungry man's best friend.

But why would a newspaper editor decide to eat dog food in the first place?

"I have been asked if eating dog food is the future of journalism, but I would argue that eating dog food -- or its equivalent -- has been the stuff of journalism for centuries," Kuntzman wrote in an e-mail.

"Indeed, is eating dog food any different from, say, breaking the Watergate burglary or publishing the Pentagon Papers? Well, yes, of course -- but there is a vast similarity, too: We are all striving, day in and day out, to provide the public with essential information about the goings-on in the community.

"In the case of my wanton consumption of dog food, of course, my readers now know that if they are ever trapped at home in a massive blizzard, and the only thing left on the shelf are two cans of Alpo and Saltines, dinner is served."

Forgive us for our lack of investigative reporting, but we're willing to take his word for it.

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