Windows 7 Editing .ini files

Having a problem with an .ini file. I installed the game baldur's gate 2 and messed up adding some mods to the game. So I did a full uninstall.. reinstalled and got all the mods working. I went to the baldur.ini file to add in the Debug Mode for cheats. But it doesn't take. In fact doing anything to the ini file.. including removing it from the game has no effect on the games settings. It's obvious it's reading another ini file located somewhere.. Like a ghost or a backup of the uninstalled version of the game.
Does anybody have any idea where this is stored or how to get rid of it or edit it.

Nevermind.. I found the files located in the Virtual Store folder. Never really knew what that folder was for. Now I know. It puts files I enjoy messing with in there so I can't find them to mess with. It's a folder created by microsoft just to mess with me. :)

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