Windows 7 Editing video tags in Video files

Hi people,

I noticed that its not possible to edit the tags and properties of video files in windows 7. Did someone else encounter that problem?

Would appreciate your advice.


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You're correct,

There are many filters for cameras and mp3 files, but not much for videos.

I did find however, Total bitrate, and video compress show up when you view the folder in Details view.

There is a freeware utility (mp3 tag editor) that is many for audio files, but it does support MPEG-4 (mp4 / m4a / m4b / iTunes compatible)

Download it here

I looking for a program that can pull from a free music database and get the single (preferably) or album artwork (if not single artwork), the record label, and bpm for MP4 files. I saw a bunch of softwares and plugins that do it but mostly for mp3s. My MP4 files don't have the album name in the metadata and I want a quick one-click feature that can do this easily from a Artist - Title format? Is there a program that does this or can I pay a developer capable of doing this to create this software?


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