EFI versus BIOS

Trying to restore a Windows 7 image after a boot manager problem
Rampage IV Formula MB with no hardware or BIOS changes since the creation of the image 9 days ago, but get the following error message.
"The system image restore failed.
Windows cannot restore a system image to a computer that has different firmware.
The system image was created on a Computer using EFI and this computer is using BIOS. "
I thought this MB used EFI.



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What are you booting to in order to restore the image? If you are not aware, the Install DVD has an image for MBR or UEFI. You probably need to select the UEFI version in a boot menu.

But a UEFI enabled system can install Windows 7 as either UEFI or MBR, depending on how your boot the install media.

Edit: I should add, if you are trying to use a Flash drive, there are certain extra procedures to make it useable as UEFI, and the Microsoft bootable flash drive maker does not work for UEFI.

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I thought this MB used EFI.
Not from what I am finding. What is the exact model number?

Note here it clearly says BIOS.

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