Eject Key on Keyboard won't work since Windows 7 upgrade from Vista.

I've looked for driver updates on Gateways website for my PS/2 keyboard. Alas there are none. I even had a live chat w/ support and they said since my computer was no longer under warranty I had to pay for extended cust. serv. He said it was an issue w/ the upgrade but refused to give me any more details. I've been in the device manger and checked for driver updates but it says the dirvers are up to date. Every key but my Eject key works. Even the volume buttons right next to the eject button! Someone please help. I've searched everywhere.:(


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Those type of controls might be in a driver that does not seem to be related. I will look to see if I seen anything.

While I look, you might check if there is anything in a Bios setup utility that controls how the keys work, as on my Dell, I can set it to use the normal function keys or the alternates. You might also check the keyboard layout in the Control Panel to see if it allows to changes to specific keys.

I did find the following quote on the Users Manual. I do not know if it is relevant to your situation or not.

Please update Gateway InfoCentre for information on your specific keyboard
I also just found this on the Gateway site. It seems to suggest you need the Photo Frame application.

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I just downloaded the photo frame app and I am about to restart. Thank you so much for your help. Hope this works.

the photoframe app didnt help but im going to check out the bios info you were talking about

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