Eject USB Button not responding

I have Windows 7 Ultimate edition 64Bit running on an ASUS Laptop. Recently, whenever I click on the Eject USB button in the system tray, it just flashes. No menu item appears. If I open My Computer, right click on a flash drive, and choose eject, then it ejects file. However, context menu for my MyBook drives does not have an eject item, so the only way I can remove those safely if I shutdown the machine.

I think this started happened after a recent windows update, but I can't be sure. Has anyone else had the same experience, and more importantly, found a solution?


Hi Melting Point and Welcome to The Forum.

See if this helps you with your problem: Repair Your USB Driver Problems
I tried all the steps on that page, but it hasn't made any difference. I don't think it's a driver problem. The USB devices all work fine. It's just that windows has stopped popping up the menu to allow me to remove them.

Interestingly, Windows wouldn't allow me to rename the INFCACHE.1 file (said I need permission from myself), but would allow me to delete it.

Thanx for that. This didn't fix the Icon, it still does not respond when clicked. However, it did at least allow me to disconnect the drive. Still wondering why the safe remove icon isn't working.

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