electric outage/disappearing folders

I have asked this question elsewhere with no solution.
I had an electric outage and lost some open Calc OO files.
Now every folder/file (PDF too) on my computer is hidden. I have a check mark next to "Show hidden files, folders or drives" in Folder options. All files are shown but grayed out. I can ungray them thru properties by removing the check mark next to hidden (one file at a time). The files were also checked "read only" but this has seemed to fix itself.
I have tried the following solutions with no success.
Three restores with three different dates.
Shadow Explorer offers the same three dates.
The "take ownership dll from MS"
Reinstalled Open Office with an updated version because I got an error message after restarting after blackout saying I had to re-register again and I lost settings.
Catalyst Control also went out and does not work.

The Open Office files had a check mark next to backup and save every five minutes.
Could not find the backups. The computer was on a backup battery and that also failed. Tried to save and turn off quickly but battery went out. Buying a new one.

Win 7 Premium, Intel I7 CPU, 64 bit, 9 gigs ram.
No virus. paid versions of Malware Bytes and Prevx

Unrelated to the above, I had BSODs, black screens, every morning after about 5 or ten minutes. I was using IE8 and the Google search bar. I got rid of both and now use Mozilla exclusively. I have not has a BSOD in months.
(I still use google but access it thru the Bing search bar - but I have deleted all google search programs on computer)

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