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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Installation' started by Boogersnot, Nov 24, 2009.

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    I've updated from XP to Windows 7 and have found all the drivers except I cant get the internet to work. This computer is on an adaptor and any drivers offered by emachine or Intel will not get it going. The software for the adaptor is installed. It is an Emachine T2862 with an Intel motherboard. Do I need to go back to XP? If so, how?
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    I'm assuming your "adapter" is an ethernet card or ethernet on the MOBO. Here's what should work providing you have wireless available (could be your neighbor's) and a USB wireless stub that you can use/borrow. Connect wirelessly and then in Device Mgr right-click your Ethernet Device, select update and choose search automatically. You should get the correct driver from the internet that way. I had to resort to that on a client's computer once.
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    If you are on Windows XP and planning to UPGRADE...

    YOU MUST DO A CLEAN INSTALL. There is no upgrade path. There are user migration tools you can use, but you will need to backup your files and do a clean install.

    I have seen several threads about this and just want to clarify. The upgrade from Windows Vista is a valid upgrade path, but Windows XP to Windows 7 is not

    That's why you're having conflicts.

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