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{Mike.. I just found out why I couldn't post (forget my private message) ... per my current needs I changed my email which has all to do with my question..}

Hi folks

I've found that with MS outlook w/gmail can encrypt you incoming and outgoing email… unfortunatly I've been using yahoo email since yahoo started.. I guess 2000 or so…. According to my info only gmail in offers this encryption with MS outlook…

I have several questions for you geniuses on this forum:

  1. Do I have to use MS outlook w/gmail to achieve encryption…???

  1. Is there a way just to use Gmail….???

  1. With all my email on yahoo, what's the most efficient way to get from there (look at all my emails) yahoo, to encryption..

  1. If I going to need verisign or what ever, will I (ultimately) need to pay for this…??

PS... This forum has been a great help to me... however, due to a focused hacker, I've been unable to utilize this site to its fullest potential... I can only hope that will change with this memberships aid....


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soo I've going to this site to help me out w/this issue....:

Link Removed - Invalid URL

I'm still having a little trouble with encryption ... I'm hoping I don't have to go to microcenter and buy another $65 (1500 pg.) ref. book just to get a 2pg answer to my question...

thanks again,