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I am new to this forum. Hello everybody. When I am typing the email i will look up and i am tpying in the message some where else. I called my computer support and it is not the puter. I refreshed IE7 also. It did it twice just now. Any ideas? It is driving me crazy. Can you set up notifcation when thread is answered also?


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Hello and welcome to the Windows7forums.

This is not an uncommon issue, it happens on my Vista computer as well.

It must be that you hit a certain key that brought up another program.

Thanks and hello. Is there any way around this that you know? I never saw it in Vista.


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I'm sorry,

I should have read you message more clearly.

I thought you meant when you were typing in the forum box that all of a sudden another box appears, such as favorites.

It lets you know with a beep.

Not sure about the e-mail program.

Which one are you using?

I go online and use aol for email I do not have it loaded either. I have windows live loaded on for the default. Is there hot keys in Windows 7. I do not want to reload the OS if I do not have to.


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Sorry I can't answer your question, but I don't use either programs.

Hopefully someone will catch this and stop by and give you a better solution.

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