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I have two email accounts. One is MSN and the other is Verizon. I view both on emails on Windows Live Mail or on my MSN account. I get the emails OK, but on my Verizon emails I received the email messages on both my Verizon address and my MSN address. I do not want my Verizon emails to come to my MSN address. I have had both acconts for years and only recently started having this problem. Any help will be appreciated.
I am using Windows 7.

I'm not sure if this is a Windows Live Mail problem or it's a verizon problem however if it's a verizon problem it makes no sense that you only got this problem recently?


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A message rule might fix it. In the MSN account, Open the folders tab and select message rules.
Select ""Where the "from" line contains people""
Go to the bottom pane and click "contains people" - Type in Verizon
Go back to the middle pane and select "Do not download it from the server"

Select "Save Rule"

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