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It is something normal. If you don't get the email for confirmation of registration on a certain website, try to wait for a little bit more, it will surely come. Or check the spam folder. In the majority of cases, you can find the email you need in the spam folder. In other cases, you didn't write the email correctly on the website you are registering. Also, if your email in the spam list, you can't get the confirmation of the accounts on several websites. You can use the email checker to verify if your email is considered an email spammer.
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I also hate getting spam emails. It was hard for me to get rid of them. Temporary emails helped me the most. I am using them to register my accounts on different websites without getting spam emails after registration. Most people avoid using them because they think they are not safe, which is not valid. They are disappearing after some days after completing the registration, which means that no one will be able to check what you are getting on your email or use it for sinister purposes and harming you and your family or friends.
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Nowhere on this website does it indicate we provide anonymous email. Guerrilla Mail doesn't use accounts and doesn't work like a standard email service. Anyone who knows or guesses an email address can access that user's email. For example,it has email waiting as ‘test' is a common name. Use Temp Mail now.


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I don't suggest syncing your primary Gmail account to every service you are using. You will start getting a lot of spamming letters. Maybe this is not a big deal, but I hate receiving spamming letters. I tried to get rid of them, and I understood that changing the email address would help me. Now I am using different methods to avoid receiving spamming letters on my new email address. The most helpful thing is the temporary email. Completing the registrations using such email helps to avoid a lot of spamming letters. FakesMail - Unlimited Free Temporary Email Address
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Please help me, my server can't receive email from microsoft corporation, this error : Generating server:
Receiving server:

7/28/2022 1:33:28 AM - Server at returned '550 5.4.316 Message expired, connection refused(Socket error code 10061)'
7/28/2022 1:23:14 AM - Server at sa***-f*** (1**.1**.2**.*) returned '450 4.4.316 Connection refused [Message=Socket error code 10061] [LastAttemptedServerName=s***e-f***] [LastAttemptedIP=1**.1**.2*7.*:25] [](Socket error code 10061)'

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Socket error 10061 is port blocked. Either your server isn't listening on the correct port or a non standard port or a firewall is blocking the connection attempts.