Email window keeps showing.Why???


this window keeps showing every now and then

and i go to task manager and is csrss.exe


Looks like you or a process initiates sending an e-mail.

Did you scan your system for for malware ?

Did you try to specify your default e-mail program in Set Default Programs?

yes, i have panda internet security 2010 and did a full scan

my default email program is yahoo

whenever i click an email address, it goes to yahoo mail, so it's perfectly working my default email program

Is this your default e-mail program ? You need to set it default in Start > Set Default Programs.

When you are (accidentally) clicking on an e-mail, like, it automatically asks your system to start an e-mail program - and your system can't find it.

as i told you my system can find my default email program

i have

Yahoo mail:




Send Mail

Yahoo mail has all its defaults

are you running office 2010 ?

In MS Config - see if you have desktop SMS ticked at start up. If so untick.


Uncheck the option to launch it on startup - if you have that.


Noob Whisperer
try typing msconfig into the search box and hit enter, go to the startup tab and look for what cybercore is describing

no, it's not

CSRSS.EXE, that one is a trojan

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