Embedded Youtube Videos not showing in IE9

IE9 beta is very very promising. So much so that I'm using it as my default browser. I ran into one small problem. Embedded youtube videos will not show up on any sites other than Youtube's. I've tried adding Youtube, Google, etc to the 'trusted sites', but that hasn't solved the issue. I have a friend who runs IE8 with no modifications and can see embedded youtube videos just fine. Here's the site for comparison's sake: Shoryuken - Home

I did reinstall all of the flash players to the latest version. In fact, the embedded videos at the above site appears just fine in Chrome and Firefox. Normally, I don't post in forums for answers because I firmly believe that "Google is your friend." But after 3 hours of searching, I'm no close to an answer. I went on Microsoft's answer site, and only got generic responses of procedures I've already done.

Here's some details

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Browser: Internet Explorer 9 beta (32-bit/64-bit)
Adobe Flash Plugin v10.1.85.3 (32-bit) v10.2.161.23 (64-bit)

Any ideas? :))

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