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Windows 7 Empire: Total War demo

Khal Drogo

New Member
Mar 1, 2009

This issue frustrates me to no end, i very much hope you can help me out.

I downloaded the Empire Total War demo from steam, but when i try to run it, it only shows the first screen (the ones who played Total War games, know it, the one with total war logo, creative assembly, sega trademarks, etc.), then, the program has stopped working.

I tried running as administrator, setting the suggested compatibility modes, but the problem remains the same.

I am using the public beta, build 7000, 32 bit. Relevant specs: Athlon 3200+, 2gb ram, 7950 GT. Tried it with both the prerelease drivers taken through windows update, and with the latest vista 32 bit drivers, 182.06.
There are no other OS's installed, other games, like Mass Effect, or Drakensang demo work fine.

Thank you in advance.