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Alright, I have a couple of issues that all came up the day after I ran a scan on my computer with Advanced System Care Pro. I've been using the product for a few months now without any issues. Now it seems like the computer is not recognizing my user settings. Here are my problems.
When I open mydocuments or any other folder in my library, it is empty. I can click on my computer, go to my user, and go into my documents, and everything is still there. I have done a default reset on my library and tried changing the locations of everything, and nothing works. My programs are there, my desktop still has the files on there.
Also, the program and file search on the startup window does not work anymore.
And every time I click on a folder, it opens a new window. I have done a settings reset and changed it to open folders in the current window, and nothing has worked. A
Anyone have any idea?


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Re: Empty mydocuments

Empty, sorry, I promise I can spell.

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I never heard of the program but you need to be really careful with these so called tune up registry cleaners. Does it save things it removes so you can restore them if there is a problem? I only use Ccleaner it allows you to save registry items it removes. I had trouble with some others in the past. Do you have a system restore point for before the scan that caused the problem?


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I went in and restored deleted items, but that didn't do anything. Unfortunately, I don't have a restore point set up.


Maybe twice saying it is even better than once. Get rid of Advanced System Care Pro (whatever it is) & yes, use none of those things. Though, as stated, CCleaner is good, alright (safe) & really, a must-have.

Next, the only thing that comes to mind is to do a System Restore; go back in time as far as possible. Create a restore date/point, if need be.

Be prepared, you may have permanently lost stuff & from the sounds of it, may be forced to rebuild (the OS) to rectify to damage done by Advanced System Care Pro


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