Emulator detected Error PMDG/FSX

I have just upgraded my system from Vista 32bit to Windows 7 64bit.

I use this system almost solely for Flight Sim.

However, when I try to install PMDG 747 I get 'Emulator detected ! Please deactivate virtual drive and emulation software'

Please can you help ?

Thank you



I upgraded and used seagate 1Tb external drive to back up data using Microsoft Easy Transfer. Could that cause anything ?

I've also found 'Beanbag' emulation on my pc.. what's that? Is that anything to do with my problem?

Anyone help please ?



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Can you manually install the model? (Find a zip archive with the aircraft files on the internet)
Have you tried running the exe in compatbility mode for Vista, since I'm not sure the PMDG models natively support Windows 7

I've tried the compatibility and no joy there ... I'm afraid I wouldn't know where to start looking for zip files. I have copied the disc files to my C drive and tried loading from there but no joy.

I have contacted PMDG (and Aerosoft who make the discs for PMDG). Neither can help me in this.

Am really stuck now.


please can anyone help ?


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The "beanbag emu" you mentioned, is not likely important to you if you don't know what it does, uninstall it and see if that sheds new light on the situation.

hi.. i've tried disabling beanbag and it makes no difference. there must be some other issue but I can't work it out at all.


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