Enable "hidden devices" in "Device Manager"? Permanently unhide


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When I go to Device Manager then the option

View->Show hidden devices

is disabled by default. If I enable it then exit and restart the Device Manager the option is disabled again.

How can I PERMANENTLY by default let the hidden devices be shown?

What are hidden devices at all?
My USB printer in connected, turned on and working but it shows up only as hidden.
Who has hidden it?
How can I permanently unhide it for Device Manager?



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Don't know about showing hidden all the time, but if you need to work on your printer, use the Devices and Printers dialog. And make note in the context menu (right click) there are two "properties" entries. The one in the middle of the menu is the admin option.

Vinit Raja

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How can I permanently by default let the hidden devices be shown?
can you take example on Bluetooth, don't take example on printer(external device).