Windows 7 Enabling bluetooth on Acer Aspire 5745 laptop, Win 7 (64 Bit)


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Jan 27, 2013

Laptop: Acer Aspire 5745-5462G50Mnks
Bluetooth : BCM92046
OS: Win 7 Professional (64 Bit)

I have tried hard for 2 days to get the bluetooth working. All other peripherals are working well, I have installed Broadcom driver (from the drive CD), but a message says the device is not connected. Also Windows does not detect the bluetooth hardware, and is not listed in the device manager listing. I tried using the Fn +F3 key combo to switch ON/OFF the bluetooth/wireless devices but nothing happend when I do this, even the Wireless connection remains enabled.

I know the bluetooth hardware is OK as it is working on Ubuntu 12.04, and I was able to connect to my cell phone.

For some reason I cannot get it working on Windows 7

Please help...

Note: the laptop originally did not come with any operating system, I installed Ubuntu 10.04 and was working vey well.


Try downloading the driver from Acer....

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The drivers were downloaded from acer, even this did not work. Strangely Win 7 does not show the hardware on the device manager. It seems the bluetooth hardware needs to be enabled from somewhere, I checked in BIOS bt did not find anything there. There is also no special function key for this, there is just the Fn+F3 key for wireless, I tried this but nothing happened.

Are you sure that your Acer laptop has the actual hardware installed?

I looked at the drivers page for the notebooks, and a 5745 is there so I checked the 5745G. Not sure about the model you actually show in your post. But I see Bluetooth drives for Broadcom and Atheros. I suppose you know you have the Broadcom one.

But Bluetooth drivers may need a Bluetooth suite to help set them up, not sure in your case and I do not see one on the downloads page.

What drivers have you loaded for the laptop as a whole, not just the Bluetooth?

Also, in Device Manager, do you show two entries for a Bluetooth Radio, one Microsoft and the other something else?