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Hi, I'm new to this. Just got my Dell Inspiron 1545 on Dec. 3rd from dell.com.. Love It but I'm trying to find out how to Encrypt a folder that I put onto my Desktop home page.. I read up and went to right click, props & advance & click the 4th box which says encrypt content to secure data but the box will not allow me to check mark it, it's dim.. I have two current boxes checked and 1 Unchecked.. I've checked & unchecked them and the dim-lighted box still wont allow me to check it? any help here please? Thanks

all inputs is really appreciated..


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Could you tell us what version of Windows 7 you are running. It seems that EFS (Encrypted File System) service is not available on some down level versions and perhaps you would need to upgrade to Win 7 pro, enterprise or ultimate.

64-bits & thanks

He meant if you are running Windows Home, Home Premium, Pro or Ultimate.


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My mistake. :)

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