Windows XP Encrypted jpegs.


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I'm new here and want to say thanks in advance for any help.

I downloaded a zipped or rar file from some rapidshare site or something. When I unzipped it I ended up with every jpeg on my computer encrypted by some virus or whatever that was in the file I unzipped. Now I can't view any pictures that were on the computer when it happened. I can put new pictures in it and they are unaffected so it must have been a one time attack. My son's first birthday pictures. Christmas pictures and a bunch of others are all inaccessible. Dang it! I think it actually says "cripted" not encrypted.

I hope someone can help me get them back.

It's a windows XP computer - my old home desktop computer.

Thanks for any help.
Download and run a copy of malwarebytes to see if you can identify any malware on your pc. This will enable you to identify and remove the malware and, just as important, having identified what it is identify what it does and how the problem can be tackled. When you run malwarebytes make sure you note any report it gives you.