Windows 7 Encrypted Rar File Help


New Member
Mar 2, 2012

I have an encrypted rar file with a password and I can't open it?
Is there an easy way to search for that password or open that file without the need of password?

Why is the file encrypted? There is usually reasons why files are encrypted.

I doubt anyone here will aid in breaking file encryption. Even if they wanted too, I'm not sure it would be allowed by forum policy.

I just downloaded a file and it's locked with a password.

Probably encrypted to trick you into downloading a virus infested application.

My advice would be to delete the file and download a copy without encryption.

Please note, I'm not encouraging the idea of pirating copyrighted content.

Anyway what does encryption mean?

When I just try to unrar the file I get: Enter password for the encrypted file

Anyway what does encryption mean?
encryption means the file has been scrambled to keep people from reading the file. A password is needed to UN-scramble the file.

Basically without the proper key, there is no way to unlock and open the door.