End of June 2012 Updates


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Good morning,

I would like to thank Richard Prescott (nmsuk) for his assistance in helping us resolve a long-standing issue in the Windows 7 Forums (W7F) mobile app available on Google Play. We made some sever-side changes that do not require a re-publish of the app, and anyone who has experienced difficulty with it should no longer have this issue as of tonight.

This month, we spent a lot of time concentrating on improving our core services and improving site usability. For example:

We now use vBulletin 4.2 Patch Level 2, which includes all necessary changes to the software to prevent any zero-day exploits that have been discovered.

We have updated our server-side firewalls, including csf+lfd, as well as related technology.

We have looked at efforts to improve the loading of the site, specifically, core optimization software has been upgraded for the first time since 2010. More specifically, we do not just estimate, but confirm, that this project alone has saved 1,190,901,325 queries since we began resource tracking in 2010. This is 1.1 billion queries that were never made to our SQL database as a result of these changes, freeing up resources for faster and more efficient page loading and handling.

These changes are intentionally under-the-hood, as in, unseen, to continue to keep the website on a stable course over the long-term as we plan out new features over the short-term. June 2012 saw the integration of key features needed for 4.2, the upgrade and sustainability of our mobile application, and a consistent presence on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. We also continued to update our core web services to the latest version, as well as internal libraries.

Some security apparatus added to the service has allowed us to make our registration process easier again.

We are also excited about the public Skype meeting on 7-7-2012 and plans are being made for specific discussion to be brought up. We are excited at the over 15,000 views this video has generated, and hope you will join us on that fateful night! If you don't we will make the full audio available not long after.

Thanks for viewing.

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