Windows 7 Energy Report Batch File

So recently I stumbled across the feature to view my energy report via cmd prompt and the following input
powercfg -energy -output "f:\Energy Report\energy-report.html"
I'm trying to create an autorun program on my flash drive where the command automatically runs and saves a log onto my flash drive.
So far I've gotten up to the point where the file is saved onto my flash drive but I have to initiate the batch file.
I'm also trying to save the file name as a date (dd/mm/yyyy), so I can review the status over a period of days. I've tried multiple solutions and I've gotten where I can have the date displayed as yyyyddmm. Anyone know a better way to produce this code?

In total this is what I've got.

@echo off
title Energy Report
powercfg -energy -output "f:\Energy Report\energy-report.html"

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