Enter Standby on power saving mode?


I have my computer configured to turn display off after 3 minutes.
After that time, the display turns off and when I press the power button on my pc case, it just turns the display on, so I have to press it again to enter standby mode.
Is there a way to make the power button enter standby immediately even on power saving?
I know this was working on Windows XP.

Any help is appreciated.


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Even before I start solving this problem, I GOT to ask... Why do you have your display turn off every 3 minutes?

Power saving and sorry, my mistake.
I have screensaver configured for 3 minutes idle. Display turns off after 10 minutes.
Whatever is the screensaver state, it doesn't enter standby immediately when the display is on power saving mode.


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I don't use these settings, but what would happen if you move your mouse to get out of powers save, and then press the button...

Yes, it obviously works. So I guess there is no way to do what I want?


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Maybe someone else knows different but I would guess that that's the price you pay for saving power. When it's in power saving mode, it's like sleeping to save energy. Any click of a button or movement of the mouse will not do it's designated function but first wake up the computer.

I was hoping there was a hidden setting cos it was working that way in Windows XP.
Well, I'll just have to get used to it.


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The advanced power save mode settings has many options to choose from. I suggest you compare your configurations with someone who uses the same functions as you. Maybe even try it on a different computer with the same OS and see if the behaiviour is the same.

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