Windows 7 Entering Logon Domains for a wireless network?


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Hey guys,
so I just installed win7 on my Dell XT laptop and its beautiful. I love it! So far i havnt had a single problem with it, but i have run into a barrier.

Getting wireless at my university requires connecting with the right logon password as well as choosing a Domain/Logon Domain. In Vista it brings it up under extra logon details (i forget exactly what the window is called, something like that). You type in AD or DU and the OS is able to setup the connection.

Ive been searching through the networking options/properties in Win7 and cannot find a place to let me input the Domain/Logon Domain. Anyone know what im missing here or where I can input this into the wireless connection properties?

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see the WIFI indicator in the notifications bar? click on it... then right click on the wireless connection and go to properties.
if only it was so simple :(

I have thoroughly looked through the connection properties, but have been unable to find a counterpart for the logon domain which can be entered in Windows Vista. In order to access the wireless network at my university you need to enter:

Logon Domain: DU

I have no idea where to enter this logon domain in win7 i couldnt find anything in properties which seemed to be the right place for this. In vista initially upon connecting to the network it asks for user/pass, then fails, then brings up an "additional logon information" window which has user/pass/logon domain.

Thanks for the quick reply though! :) Much appreciated!
hey, no worries... beyond that i'm stumped... try setting up a new network. that might work.. other than that, i got nothing :)