entire system gets choppy/glitchy?

i did a little looking and didn't find any other problems like this so...

i built a new system a few months ago and since i got it iv had problems with it... at first after using the system for about an hour it would start acting up, then it started happening sooner and sooner until it would happen right from system start, a restart would help for a minute then it would happen again, i changed the power bar i was using and that kinda sent it back to taking about a half hour for the issue to start but then it went back to happening right away. then i tried putting it on its own circuit and that did the same in resetting it back to about a half hour. then i stopped using the system for a week or so and when i came back to it the problem didnt happen at all until i ran the system for a solid day and got into some process heavy imaging and video software then it started acting up again then i put it on a new plug and its back to happening right away....

The Issue.... once it starts acting up, all motion on the system gets "choppy" or glitchy, videos will kind of skip like an old cd player, it will freeze for a second then play quickly to catch up and flash black in between, the screen saver will kind of jump around and even just moving the mouse across the screen isn't a smooth movement and in videos the sound will skip aswell which led me away from thinking it was a video card problem?.

i went through customer support with ncix where i bought it, tested the ram with mem test the hard drive with some soft ware they told me to use and did some other tests, i sent them in my video card and ram and they said there was no problems with them so i sent them the entire system and they said that they could find no problems with it, yet the day i got it home it started acting up again... i cant really try using any other ram or cards or anything as i dont know any one with compatible parts and i cant really test the system anywhere but my home.... im running out of ideas, i have played with turning off system start up programs and background systems and sometimes it seems to help for one restart then back to nothing.. i have all the latest drivers.. tried re installing windows iv tried everything and nothing seems to be the root of it, looking in my event manager i do see errors regarding nvidia windows kernel mode driver version 191.07 but iv re done the drivers over and over as well as chipset drivers and what ever else, im completely out of ideas and the company i bought it from has no ideas...

im running a 1 tb western digital black caviar HD
Nvidia GeForce GTX 295
12 gigs of corsair ram
Intel I7 920
a corsair 750 psu

i hope this makes sense, im writing it after another 3+ hour sit down of trying to trouble shoot this myself and i just dont know much about this stuff, if there is any more information i can give to help you help me just let me know!

and to be honest i dont know if the issue is hardware or software or what so this may not be the right section for this post, but have mercy on me im pulling my hair out over here!

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