Entire System locks on video flash player

First off specs..

Windows Home Premium 64 bit

Computer is an Asus G72-gx1

Intel Q9300 2.0Ghz quadcore 6GB of ram and the nvidia GTX 260m

Now here is whats going on

I can do anything with this computer I can run 5 games simultaneously and barely use 100% ....

But ANYTIME i load a chatroom that has video cameras using the flash applet the entire system locks... the mouse everything.. alt f4 doesnt exit ctrl alt delete doesnt bring up the task manager the mouse is frozen nothing works execept a hard reboot.. I have the latest java and flash drivers installed

I tried loading it on these browsers

IE 64 bit
IE 32 bit
Firefox 32 bit
Chrome 32 bit...

Doesnt matter the entire system locks... Is this a problem with Windows Home Premium 64 bit that Im unaware of?


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Hi Darkpriest,
is your machine running with all the latest drivers and Bios updates?

Yes Asus update has no bios OR firmware updates.

I already said i was running the latest flash and java

and yes every driver I can think of that would be relevant (graphics, webcam, etc) is updated

what drivers would you have suggested I check?

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not letting the thread die.. someone has to have an answer

here is the problem

Creative Sound drivers and the Realtek drivers both exist on the machine shipped from the manufacturer..

Apparently if you remove the creative drivers .. things dont do that anymore.

There must be some sound conflict that im unaware of cause a system freeze.

remove the SOUND BLASTER drivers if you have the G72Gx1... this solution is courtesy of Ken1 at the Asus help forums :)

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