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    I've used a program for video editing and creating projects in Windows XP.
    After moving the completed projects and their associated media to a new windows7 pc; the links to the media are no longer accepted by my application.
    THe old paths to the media would have been something like "%userprofile%\My Documents\my videos" IN windows 7; I've dropped the "my videos" contents from xp into "%userprofile%\My videos"
    Anyone know how I can fool my program into getting the media with the old PAth on my windows 7 pc? I actually thought this was why the hidden shortcuts were here in windows7; but am guessing that my older program is too stupid to understand and use the shortcuts that windows 7 has provided. (Even though my program says it's supported by Vista.)
    My alternative is to re-map manually all of my 100 projects to their media counter-parts and I'm really not excited about doing that.

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