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    In this episode Chris Risner and Haishi Bai are joined by Lance Olson and Matt Winkler, Program Managers working on Big Data at Microsoft. This episode starts a 5 episode mini-series focusing on Big Data. In part one, Lance and Matt give an overview of what Big Data is and how it is used. Big Data encompasses several different technologies but a large part of the focus is being able to handle massive amounts of different types of data and run queries and analytics on it quickly. This also includes the ability to do predictive analysis by creating models based off of the data. There are many different technologies running in Azure that are associated with Big Data, including: HDInsight, Stream Analytics, Machine Learning, Event Hubs, Data Factory, Search, SQL Database, DocumentDB, and more. Join Lance and Matt as they explain the basics and go over different technologies in Azure can be used to solve Big Data problems!

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