Erotic Pasta Aims to Spice Up Valentine's Day

It's no secret that chocolate, strawberries and Champagne are potent aphrodisiacs, but what about pasta? Better yet, what if that pasta is shaped like a phallus?

For several years, an erotic edible known simply as Penis Pasta has been on the market.

It's just what it sounds like: little penis-shaped noodles in a ready-to-make box, ideal for a laugh at rowdy bachelorette parties.

Though Penis Pasta has been around for a while, the kinky carbs recently got a boost in sales online.

Chris Bick, co-owner of novelty retailer, told AOL News that his company has been selling Penis Pasta for more than a year, but sales have never been higher than they are right now.

Chris Bick, co-owner of novelty retailer, told AOL News that his company has been selling Penis Pasta for more than a year, but sales have never been higher than they are right now.

Sales of Penis Pasta are on the rise at novelty retailer, but could this phallic-shaped food really be considered an aphrodisiac?
Bick said more than 1,000 units of Penis Pasta flew off the shelves in December during a sudden and unexpected surge in demand from customers.

"The pasta makes a great gag gift. A lot of people were buying it as a joke for their mom and dad over the holidays. It's not just for bachelorette parties anymore," Bick said.

Since then, Bick said sales of the naughty noodles have remained steady, especially with Valentine's Day around the corner.

He said the pasta is becoming quite popular among playful couples looking to spice things up in the kitchen because, apparently, nothing says romance like a big bowl of sexually suggestive carbohydrates.

Or does it?

In light of this weird consumer trend and, of course, Valentine's Day, AOL News reached out to aphrodisiac expert Amy Reiley to determine whether or not Penis Pasta could really be considered a "sexy food" for couples.

Reiley, who studied culinary aphrodisiacs at Le Cordon Bleu and has penned books such as "Fork Me, Spoon Me: The Sensual Cookbook" and "The Love Diet," said Penis Pasta isn't exactly the best food to get in the mood, despite its provocative shape.

"While the pasta is hysterical and makes for a fun ice-breaker, it's not an aphrodisiac. Simple carbs like pasta have no true aphrodisiac properties. Just because it's shaped like a phallus doesn't make it an aphrodisiac," Reiley said. "It's more about the nutrients inside a food and their effect on our libido than anything else."

Although the pasta itself may not be an aphrodisiac, Reiley said not all hope is lost for the erotic edible.

If couples have their hearts set on making a sexy dinner out of the pasta, Reiley suggested they prepare it using ingredients that are proven aphrodisiacs, such as rosemary and tomatoes.

"You can make a Penis Pasta salad with tomatoes and flax oil, or cook it off with some rosemary. You could also lace the pasta with truffles, which is an aphrodisiac for women. The scent of truffles is similar to that of male pheromones, so many women take to it," said Reiley.

If you're hell-bent on bringing something phallic-shaped to the Valentine's Day table, there are some other effective options.

Reiley said bananas, cucumbers and celery are all natural aphrodisiacs, though their suggestive shapes have little to do with it.

For example, she said bananas are packed with nutrients that are essential to sexual hormone production, including potassium and B vitamins. The fact that you can eat the fruit in a very seductive manner is just a plus.

To really spice things up on Valentine's Day, Reiley recommended couples sprinkle some actual spices on their food.

She said nothing heats things up like chile peppers or ginger, which tend to get people all hot and bothered.

"Chile and ginger have an immediate effect because they'll instantly raise your body temperature. Chile makes your tongue tingle a little too, making kissing more exciting."

For dessert, Reiley suggested making an Italian-inspired affogatto by putting a scoop of pistachio gelato into a steaming cup of espresso.

"Coffee is already a stimulant, and the gelato just elevates it. Mango, vanilla, mint and peaches are also good aphrodisiacs if you want to try something other than chocolate after dinner," she added.

Well, if anything, Penis Pasta is good for a giggle while couples nibble on sexier fare.

FredFlare also offers Pasta Boobs, although Bick admitted that once cooked, those noodles come out looking more like wheel-shaped rotelle pasta rather than breasts in comparison to the very "anatomically correct" Penis Pasta.

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