Error 0x8007000D when renaming a folder

Hello, I searched everywhere but couldn't find any hints to how to solve this problem so I decided to register here and ask for help. I have windows 7 ult. 32 bit, I have all updates and no other issues except when I try to rename any folder it gives me that message(please see the attached file) when I click try again it renames the folder but it happens every time with every folder, and there is no difference on where it is located C,D,E disks .... any suggestions ? This error gets pretty annoying after a while =(

any body ?

I don't have a solution to this. I have exactly the same problem, with exactly the same error message. I also get the same message when I try to move a folder.

It always works after pressing "Try Again", but it is annoying.

I hope there is a solution to this. Reinstalling Windows is not an option, because it isn't worth the hassle of setting my computer back up again.


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Was this an upgrade or a "clean" insatll?

Mine was a clean install on a new hard drive. Everything else in Win7 works fine, but this one bug.

Whenever I rename a folder, I get the same error as in the attachment above. I click "Try Again" and it works fine. I get the same error message if I try to move a folder. I click "Try Again" and the folder moves.

I can find virtually nothing on Google about this, I thought I was the only person in the world with this problem.

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I can understand it would be very annoying.

Did this occur immediately after installing Windows 7?

Do you recall Using Windows Update to install an update.

Did you install any new software or make any other major changes to your system?

This is something that happened right at the start, before I installed any software, and I *think* before the first update. I hadn't made any major change to the system, but I have installed a lot of software since. I have been using Windows 7 for a couple of months.

My wife has exactly the same computer as I do (with mostly the same software), and I installed Windows 7 on her computer, on a new drive like on my computer, and her's works fine. The software has not caused an error on her computer. I'm not sure what the glitch is, but when Windows "tries again" it works fine. I wish it could just try again on it's own without asking me, because it knows what to do the 2nd time around. :)

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very weird, now the problem is gone , I uninstalled SQL server but i'm not sure whether that solved the problem or something else.

Hmm, I don't have SQL server installed. Have you made any other changes recently?


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Let\s wait a while before we callit solved.

Post back if you need any more help.

Well I have had a good look through my installed program list, and I don't have anything installed that many thousands of other people don't have installed. Maybe now I AM the only person in the world with this bug now. :)


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This might not be of great help,but it's worth a shot.

Look over the similar threads at the bottom of this page.

Yes, I read those before, but they are unrelated to my particular problem. Thanks anyway. :)


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Sorry I couldn't be of any further help to you.

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