error 0x80070017

Oh, thanks for letting me know. I got the Windows Installation disk from a friend. I guess i'll turn one of my USB sticks in a bootable one, put an windows installation on it and try. Wish me luck

I tried to reinstall windows because a lot of problems. And now I can't even use that PC... Should I start another thread about this?


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Hi Chris,
Yes, that would be a good idea. When you jump onto an existing thread that appears to have the same error message or problem you have, that's called "Thread Hijacking" and is considered poor "netiquette" in most Tech forums. I already answered you since there do appear to be at least 2 threads with your question in them. I would ask our Admin, kemical to try and fix that for you, but you should read my detailed reply from this morning. That should show up in your E-mail inbox of the account you used to register here on WF. You'll obviously have to read that on a different working windows computer connected to the Internet since you stated that you bricked your desktop.


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