Error: 0x8007007b

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    when i try to turn on system restore for my c drive i get 'could not apply the settings for the following reason the filename directory name or volume label syntax is incorrect 0x8007007b'
    any ideas?
    --windows 7 rc 7100 x64
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    This error indicates a problem with the Path or File Name

    ie; System Volume Information or something else

    System Restore, when turning it on or off has to make changes to (probably reg keys, and files in System Volume Information folder) to work properly.

    Something is corrupted and causing this issue. I could not find anything as to a fix, so you will probably have to Nuke and Reload the OS.

    Unless someone else can find a solution.

    You may be able to attempt a Repair of the System with the Windows 7 disk

    Also,, see This Thread
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