Error 0xa0000001

When I try to play Watch_Dogs the game loads up then at 3/4ths of the loading bar I get a blue screen and the error code 0xa0000001 and my PC reboots. I scanned the files in command prompt but it found nothing. What should I do now?


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Given that ubisoft is involved I'd assume they want to check your system and something (firewall, anti-v or just different is blocking that... does your system handle other online games ok and what country are you in?

ill check the fire wall and i live in America, but games like TF2 work fine. also i forgot to mention but I've had this problem for 2 years now


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Hi nate,

Can you share whether this is an OEM-built (Dell, HP, Acer, etc.) or CUSTOM-BUILT PC? Make/Model would be helpful. If you'd had this problem for 2 years, it's quite likely you have a Windows corruption issue, a virus/malware infection, or failing or faulty hardware such as a bad RAM stick or hard drive.

Do other standard apps work on this computer? Say open a browser and check E-mail? Open/Create a document with Word or Adobe? I would suggest you perform some standard Maintenance, and scan with the built-in anti-virus that you have installed on the computer.

If you can provide us with more specs on your system, such as HARD DRIVE & VIDEO CARD information, and Motherboard info if you built this PC yourself, it could go a long way to solving your problem. If you don't know where to find this, go to and download the free SPECCY program, and save the text output file to your desktop and then upload back here to this thread where we can get more eyes on your problem instead of guessing what your computer environment looks like and just giving you general suggestions. Resolving Gaming issues is a tough nut to crack when we don't know what kind of hardware you are running on!!



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that particular error code is specific to AMD graphic drivers. Try uninstalling your current version using the DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) and this will remove any old bit's of driver left behind by previous installs.:

Once removed then install the latest WHQL driver:
Support & Drivers

If the BSOD continues post the make and model of your PSU as that particular bugcheck can sometimes be caused by PSU's with not enough juice.

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Please post any new dump files.

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