Error 0xC0000098

HI All,

Appreciate if anybody can help me here. I just bought a Toshiba Satellite L640 running on Intl Core i3 350M with 4Gb RAM. I'm currently using Windows 7 pro 32 bit.

I'm trying to clean install Windows 7 pro 64 bit but face error as attached after booting up on the DVD and Windows has finish loading files. I simulate the error using VMWare to show the snapshot here. Does anyone have any clue on why this happened?

Thanks in advance.

Rgds error.jpg


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most answers I have seen come from corrupt files when installing over the top of existing
by clean install you mean you are deleting the old partitions on the disk? if so you won't need to do below just at partition screen delete old and then create new

Reboot, start tapping F8 until you get a black screen. Repair your Computer, keyboard, login and choose command prompt. type chkdsk /F /R

Thanks for the tip... I'll try to implement it and post the result here


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oops I see that pic came from VM now. After zooming in to see what it said I didn't reread, that certainly means it should not be writing over.
But deleting old is best method

The problem is, after the DVD boot up, it doesn't go to the page where i can delete and format the partition, it just go straight to that error. I know that i can format using other ways but i'm just worried that even after i delete/format the disk, the same error would come out. Right now i'm going to do a repair using Win 7 32 bit disk and see what happens. If only microsoft would give free email support. At least we would know what that error really means.

Thanks Veegertx for the effort,

I'll make sure to try removing the ram again. If all else fails only would i delete and format my hardrive. But currently i need to use my laptop for work. Only next Monday would I have the time to experiment again. Once again, thank you

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