Windows 8 Error 0xc000021a when upgrade

Pedro Carvalho

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Jan 7, 2013

When I was trying to update my Windows 7 for Windows 8, at the end of the process appear a error and my computer restart.
Now, when I turn it on appear the logo of the Windows and the circle that indicates it is loading, but the screen turn black and takes a while when appears the blue screen indicating that was an error and my computer will reset. The error code is 0xc000021a.

I don't have a dvd with the Windows 8. I downloaded the upgrade from Microsoft website.

Sorry about my English.
When you ran the install, and I am assuming you installed over a prior OS, did the Upgrade Advisor mention any devices or drivers or software that might need to be uninstalled?

Have you tried the F8 key during boot to try to get into the repair system for Windows 8? If you have and it did not work, Windows 8 is a little different from Windows 7. If you restart the system several times, it should automatically detect the error and put itself in the repair mode.

If you get there, you might try Safe Mode and remove some driver, or use Msconfig.exe to set the system to basic video, and try rebooting. Or you might use the Advanced options to use the "Last Known Good" configuration. Since this is an install, not sure that would actually help.

But some info about your system and exactly what procedure you used during the install may help.
I downloaded the ISO from other PC and did the boot from USB Pendrive and re-installed the Windows. It did ok.
I always recommend creating installation media, even if you plan to upgrade install from your desktop. This gives you a media to use in just these cases.

In your case it appears the Upgrade did not proceed properly. I also always recommend a Custom Install. The Upgrade Install is too tied to the original OS, and any little problems there can be magnified by the Upgrade.

For others, there is a way to restart Win 8 installation even if you do not create media the first time. The email receipt you received from MS when you first purchased Win 8 has a link at the top of the email that will allow you to enter your key and start the process again.
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