Error 6008 Assistance please

I recently built i new pc for myself and after two or three weeks it started randomly shutting down while gaming. So i went into the event viewer and i got this error "6008 The system shutdown at *** on **** was unexpected. Error 6008.PNG
Motherboard: Asrock z68 Extreme4
CPU- Intel i5 Sandy bridge 3.2 ghz
SSD- Ocz agility 120 gb
GPU- Gts 450
PSU- Coolermaster 600w
RAM- 2x4 gb Gskill Ripsaw Series
OS- Windows 7 home premium x64

As for trouble shooting i have formatted my hard drive and done a new install of windows 7 home premium x64. I have completly updated all drivers to newest version. I have removed my GPU to see if my PSU was inadequate. I have removed my optical drive. I have ran occpt to see if my cpu was overheating it hit 70C before i stopped the test my temps get no where near there when gaming. I have ran disk check memory check no errors virus scans no viruses, umm. MY pc is not overclocked. Pretty much u name it ive done it. SO this is a huge problem for me and i need help.

So i just ran furmark to stress test my GPU and PSU and the second i hit start my pc shut down. SO im more than positive ive narrowed it down.

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Are you getting any Blue Screens or just the system shutting down?

How full is your SSD?

Tried taking out 1 stick of RAM?

Does that motherboard have built in video? Are you running the video switching utility?

Is the board a Gen 3 and are you using the correct drivers for whether Gen 3 or not?

Any bios updates available that might seem relevant?

There are no bsod and it is just restarting. My SSD is 1/2 full. I've stripped the pc to one stick ram and the Ssd and the pc did not shut down. It does have onboard video but when uses the add on card first is available. It is a gen 3 all drivers are to date and bios is newest version. I retuned all parts to my pc and ran the pc with 2 psu one running the pc and the other the GPu and the pc did not shut down. Is it safe to say that my 600w power supply is not large enough?


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At first glance, the power supply should be large enough, unless it is faulty. The GTS 450 needs a minimum of 400 watts, and 22 amps on the 12 volt supplies, so you appear to have that (18 each). I will assume you are using both of the 6+2 PCIe connectors? Exactly what equipment is on which RAIL might make a difference, but the connections are probably in your manual for the Power Supply.

A system will shut down if the power at the test point (I think the 5 volt, but not sure) drops below a certain point. I really haven't looked at these types of requirements in some time.

But, the only thing that really gives a good indication of a possible problem is your test of using another PS to supply the video card. I would probably go a little larger for testing or look for one that has a different setup for the output. The 650W Antec I am looking at (not suggesting, just looking) shows 4 - 12 volt Rails and 30 amps on each one. - Antec EarthWatts Platinum Series EA-650 650W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS PLATINUM Certified Power Supply

So its been determined that i need a larger PSU? OR, are u suggesting that i need to try to track down a larger psu to test the entire system on one PSU (including GPU)?


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If you can borrow one for testing, go for it. I wish I could tell you for sure yours was not sufficient, but I don't know about the internal connections to make that call. The test you ran seems to support the need for a new power supply.

I will be looking for a PSU to test with. Thank u for the assistance. How do u close the forum?


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You don't need to close the forum. If you could, post back when you learn anything..

The problem was my PSU it was too small upgraded to a 750 works fine now. THANK U EVERYONE FOR THE INSIGHT. Sometimes u just need the extra mind.


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Glad it is working, and good job testing the previous supply. Thanks for letting us know.

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