Error 80072EE2

When my friend attempts to upgrade (automatically) from windows 8/8.1 to windows 10 her laptop eventually comes up with this error: 80072EE2. Anyone who can help, please?


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Could you tell a little bit more, i.e. which laptop; where there configuration upgrades installed like SSD; is it now back in 8.1; at what moment comes that error; is that laptop before going into the upgrade fully patched; is there room on the HD and how much; has he a virus protection running - should be switched off; ......

And has he tried it again, because MS says that is a server error (or a problem with the firewall of the computer).

The more you tell the better the change that we can help, but is is very difficult from behind a computer far away....

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Did your friend run the Microsoft Compatibility Test prior to attempting the W10 upgrade? If not, and her computer wasn't healthy prior to the upgrade, this most likely accounted for the error. Faulty drivers or a failed RAM stick or hard drive can also cause these kinds of errors to occur.

You might consider asking your friend to take the laptop into her local repair shop where they employ licensed Computer Techs (A+), and pay them to do the upgrade for her.

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