error after system restoring. Error message: Windows couldn't complete installation. To install wind

okay...recently I went to restore my netbook-Acer Aspire One Happy 2. Well all I can tell you guys is that, I clicked save user data to C: drive, for me a first time user of a netbook...didn't know that if I clicked that and was using a different windows 7 edition from the OEM. That a different windows 7 edition data couldn't be saved. Now, whenever I boot up my netbook, windows will try to install on my computer but gives error as stated in title. System Specifications: Pre-load: Windows 7 starter Os using before system restore: Windows 7 Professional*note: got a code from a friend*/ Andriod (Dual Boot System) Cpu:Intel atom N570 @ 1.66ghz Graphics card: Intel Gma 3150

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windows installation error.

Hey everyone, I recently used system restore on my -Acer Aspire One Happy 2. I used system restore because my computer wasn't able to detect and usb drivers, such as mouse, thumbdrive. Without knowing, I clicked system restore and save data to C: drive. After windows did everything, it rebooted and started installing. At the start of the installation, an error poped up saying : Windows couldn't complete installtion. To install Windows on this computer, restart the installation. Only option was to click 'ok', by clicking 'ok' it went to reboot again and the same thing happens. Well, I have emailed Acer about it and they said to reload OS it would be a cost of S$50 and I was kind of furious, as S$50 just to reload Os? As a student i do not have money, my parents do not want to help me pay for the repair. System specs: preload: win 7 starter os before restore: win 7 professiona*got a code from a friend* No cD-rom drive-obivously CPU: Intel Atom N570 @ 1.66ghz Since school is starting soon, i will need it to finish up my holiday homework. So please help!


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Re: windows installation error.

You could try the iso file from Digital River. This will give you a generic Win 7 without the Acer junk added in. Just download the file (rather large, will take a while) right click and burn to DVD. This will load the bootable Win 7 on a DVD. Your original key may work. If not you might have to call MS to reactivate. They are generally very accomodating for these type problems.

Re: windows installation error.

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Now my keyboard is typing " when I press Shift+"/' and @, when I press Shift+2

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