Error "C: Corrupt Disk - Run Chkdsk" in Windows Seven dual boot (XP an Seven).

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    First: Sorry but I don´t speak english fine.

    I have a dual boot Windows 7 and Windows XP.
    Some times when I boot Windows 7 appears "C: Corrupt Disk - Run Chkdsk" in the traybar and I can not create a folder or file in disk C:.
    Reboot, run chkdsk automaticaly in Windows 7 but don't repair the C: structure.
    Restarts and I select Windows XP option, run CHKDSK automaticaly in Windows XP and repair C: structure correctly. Restart in Windows 7 again and solve the problem then I can create folders in disk C:.
    Unfortunately happens again approximately every 3 days if use Windows 7 but don´t happens in Windows XP. I think Seven generate the corruption in disk C: for a diferent NTFS version structure with XP. It's posible?
    I do not want to reinstall. have any idea?

    I have Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bits and Windows XP Professional service Pack 2 dual boot in three hard disk partitioned all in most NTFS partitions.
    PS: The Windows 7 partition was created from Windows Seven DVD. In others PC I installing dual boot (XP and 7) partitioned from XP or Partition Magic and this problem did not happen.

    Help!! :(

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